Performance-Based Digital Media Planning and PPC Strategy Guide for 2022


To be successful with performance-based digital media planning, it's important to conduct thorough research. In addition to identifying target audiences, you should develop data-driven strategies that will help you achieve conversion-focused success. For example, on Atlanta Social Cali agency if you're planning to advertise on TikTok, you must first understand the platform's audience and competitors. Also, you should establish benchmarks for success.

Audience research

In order to get the most out of your digital media plan, you need to identify your target audience. You can achieve this through implementing the latest PPC 2022 trends. For example, a responsive search ad is essential to ensure your audience is not left out. However, you should keep in mind that PPC advertising costs money. It is important not to waste money on minor ad fatigue, as it can drain your ad budget.

Audience research can help you better understand your customer's mindset, and can help you improve your advertising efforts. There are several tools you can use to do this, including Social Searcher, which allows you to monitor competition sentiment, and specific topics. This platform features a sentiment analysis tool that is user-friendly. Simply plug in a topic to get a quick sense of the overall sentiment. Once you know what to focus on, you can adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

Budget allocation

Budget allocation for performance-based digital media planning requires an assessment of your business goals, your competition and your industry. In addition to your overall marketing strategy, you should factor in your budget for the different platforms, as the cost per click may differ. It's possible to estimate your cost per click by using Google's keyword planner.

As the economy continues to grow, marketers are unsure how much they will allocate for their digital marketing budget in 2022. In the previous year, marketers cut four-and-a-half percent from their digital marketing budgets. The largest declines in digital marketing budgets occurred in tech, media, and manufacturing. However, healthcare, financial services, and consumer products saw relatively few reductions.


As more brands enter the digital world, performance-based Digital Media Planning and PPC strategy guides are becoming increasingly necessary. The 2022 trends outlined in this guide are revolutionary in nature and will continue to change the way businesses advertise online. These changes include increased data security and the need to adjust digital media planning and PPC strategies to stay on top of the latest trends.

A fundamental component of effective media planning is the use of data. The goal is to optimize your marketing campaigns across all channels. This can be accomplished by analyzing and testing various data points. In addition, you must analyze your budget to determine how much you should be spending on each channel. If you are spending too much, you might be overlooking higher-return activities.

Google's Display Network

Google's Display Network is a powerful advertising platform, offering a range of ad formats and targeting options. Depending on your needs, you can choose remarketing ads, custom intent audiences, or in-market audiences to increase your conversions. This guide also explains how to set up your advertising strategy on the platform.

Unlike search ads, which are limited to search engine results, Display ads are displayed on millions of websites, apps, and more. This allows you to reach any demographic and niche, and to connect with the most engaged consumers. Display ads are also less expensive than search ads, and allow you to be more creative.

Display ads are available in various formats, and you can set the cost per click, cost per mille, or cost per view. You can also use them as top-of-funnel offers, and they can drive as much as 20% of conversions for advertisers.

Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence

Similarweb's digital marketing intelligence tool can help online marketers understand the audience behind their most successful campaigns. It can help determine which keywords generate the highest number of clicks, as well as which publishers are attracting the most referrals.

In addition, Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency provides a wealth of data on competitors' outgoing traffic and ad campaigns. By using similarweb's tools, online marketers can make more informed decisions about advertising and marketing budgets.

Similarweb allows users to build a customized dashboard, which can incorporate data from different marketing channels. With over one billion digital signals, this tool can measure and compare the performance of any website. It also offers a wealth of competitor data and industry analytics. The software also allows marketers to customize their dashboards with handpicked metrics to track marketing performance over time.